Home automation systems are quickly becoming a new standard. Smart solutions allow you to control lighting, windows, security systems including cameras, locks, gates and alarms, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), as well as specific appliances.


This way you can reduce your energy use while saving money and making your home space more comfortable.



You might have wondered if it is possible to control all your home systems: lights, the alarm system, or even the cooling and heating, using remote control, from the comfort of your armchair. It is! Smart home systems, also known as home automation systems, are no longer a futuristic novelty, but are now becoming a standard feature in many homes.


The benefits are many: there is the convenience, of course, but also safety and security, not to mention the financial savings, and the ability to customise your entire home to your specific requirements.


The savings on energy costs result from the ability to quickly and conveniently access  your appliances and fixtures using a remote control, from any place.


DAK Electrics expert team will provide you with advice and install home automation services in your home at very competitive rates. Our extensive knowledge and experience will ensure the best service – for you.


We will create a flexible and customised home automation system for you, in which electrical outlets and all other individual electrical devices power down when they are not in use.  Our professional team will use their expertise and assist you with setting up scheduling for the remote control, and the installation of macros in the system for greater energy efficiency.


We use top quality products so the hardware will never let you down, and we will continue to monitor the system to ensure everything is in working order.



At DAK Electrics we understand the need for perfect lighting for your domestic spaces. Lighting is crucial for setting the ambience of a room or an area. We offer a variety of solutions, from standard lighting to cinematic LED mood lighting, so you can find something ideal for you, both indoors and outdoors. Lighting of the outdoor spaces can complement the indoor living areas, and can be extended to the whole garden.


Our expert technicians, who specialise in such installations, will accommodate every single of your preferences possible, creating for you a unique visual and mood enhancing experience.


We will make sure that that your house shines the brightest with the best lighting designs.




If you want to up your technology game, smart appliance offer the perfect way to do it. Using home automation with all or most of your appliances will create a cutting edge environment of the future, making everything conveniently accessible at any time. From cooking to cleaning, even taking a bath, almost all appliances can get home automated.


DAK Electrics will give you affordable access to this amazing technology. Kitchen appliances, refrigerators, cookers and ovens, washers and dryers, as well as your tub or spa, everything can be remotely set and controlled. Our expert team will ensure that everything is customised for you, just as you want it.




Home automation is all about getting smart.  DAK Electrics will help you make  smart choices by its affordable, comprehensive provision of a wide range of home automation solutions for your domestic electrical outlets.


Switches, receptacles (sockets), daylight harvesting controls, equipment for charging your mobile devices, and other electrical networking systems can all be included in home automation. Our expert team will make sure you get convenience, accessibility and savings of time, money and energy.



A good security system is essential these days, for the peace of mind and to maintain family safety at home. DAK Electrics will recommend the best security solutions and fit all the necessary systems and devices. We are experts installers of HD CCTV Security Systems, and we can place the cameras exactly where you want them. These cameras provide a wide coverage and can provide detailed image with superior quality of image and sound, suitable for use as evidence.


We also fit intruder alarms for the standard of safety that you and your family deserve.


We will design the security system perfect for you, so all your requirements are fulfilled.





Many people today are not satisfied with their home heating and cooling system, due to inefficiency and lack of a consistent flow.


DAK Electrics specialise in the installation of smart heating and cooling systems, which will not just enhance your comfort but will also reduce your energy costs.


Such a system works by setting its thermostat according to the owner’s presence at home, whether they are asleep or away from home. The system also uses other sensors to maximise efficiency with perfect adjustments. You can also have access to the thermostat through your mobile device or access is online, making it very easy for you to control the HVAC systems in your home remotely.




Have you ever wondered if it was possible to control the music and other audio systems in your home from across the room, or perhaps while you are away from home as well? It certainly is possible with our amazing audio home automation technology. With just a simple touch, you can control all the audio systems in your home, even from across the globe. This is something definitely worth investing in.


The entire entertainment automation system is personalised to fit your particular  lifestyle, giving you a uniquely fitting set of solutions, and all that can be done at a remarkably accessible price. Share your passion for living smarter with us, and we can guarantee you that your experience will prove the investment worthwhile.





If you are planning on customising your windows, home automation might offer the best and the most convenient solution. DAK Electrics team can fit all sorts of motorised window blinds and shades, for a perfect balance of light and shade at the touch of a button, making the ambience relaxed and comfortable for anybody who comes into the room.


On top of convenience, automated blinds and shades also look smart and stylish and can be a good way to refresh your home interior design.


DAK Electrics is a certified installer for Loxone, one of the major providers of smart home solutions. If you have any questions, require a quotation, or just want to discuss the options and benefits of home automation, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team.